Company Info
Blue Drop Ship is a prestigious company located in the Netherlands, and it's responsible for distributing avant-garde, top-quality products. We are supported by thousands of clients around the world who were able to prove first-hand the effectiveness of these products. Your profit margin could be great because these are top selling products. A recent study we conducted showed that the customers that buy a product remain loyal to the brand and buy it again, benefiting both parties.
The advantages of promoting our products
We offer very competitive, uneatable advantages that place the products of our catalogue at the top of the market.
Star products
They have a high market share, a fast growth and therefore generate huge benefits.
Effective formulas
We emphasize in our production processes. To this end, we have a great team of professionals in several fields who study the quality and effectiveness of each ingredient included in the formulas of our pills, creams and pheromone perfumes. We also have the quality certificates required by the EU for marketing throughout Europe.