Regarding the drop ship program
  • What's the price of being an affiliate member of

  • Can anyone become a member of

  • Which products can be promoted as an Affiliate Member of

  • What happens if I want to promote the products in different languages?

  • I don´t have a website, can I sell through Ebay?

  • I'm an affiliate member of What are my responsibilities?

  • Can I sign up regardless of the country I'm in?

  • How does work?

  • Are these affiliate programs reliable?

  • Can I use the images and texts of the official websites of each product?

  • Can I send the product to my address instead of that of my customer?

  • Can I include several products in the same order?

  • Can I buy a promotion that includes several products and afterwards sell them separately?

  • Can I offer the use of the money back guarantee policy that appears on the official websites of the product?

  • My customer changed his/her mind and does not want the product anymore, Can I return it?

Services that we provide
  • How is the product shipped?

  • How long does it take for the product to arrive?


Our prices do not include VAT. If you operate intercontinental or if your company is registered outside the European Union, your transactions will be free from VAT.