Welcome to Bluedropship.com
Bluedropship.com is a program that is specifically created for retailers that do not want to invest in creating a stock or do not dispose of a physical space to store products. We take care of sending the package directly to the customers, in this way saving you time and money.
How does it work?
It is very simple. You only have to worry about selling the product directly from your webpage and in this way untying yourself from storage and sending processes. You only have to think about the proper promotion and the cashing of the orders. Afterwards you send us the customers’ details and we take care of the rest.
Choose any product from our catalog
Sell the product, cashing in beforehand and send us the products
We take care that everything gets send to the final customer with all guarantees
You choose
You sell
We send
Main advantages
  • Forget management and costs of warehouses.
  • Product administration, you will control all your orders through the tracking numbers assigned to you from each order.
  • Sell high-quality, outstanding products with higher ROI index than the competitio.
  • The option to use any type of marketing, images, texts, or websites associated to the products.
  • You receive the money beforehand, therefore avoiding any type of fraud.
  • All the products are send in a completely discreet way.
  • We send our products all over the world.
  • Enjoy the Dropship system. It is considered one of the best commercial methods available on the web.
  • You have the option to sell the products on Ebay.
Is this the first time you work with a Drop Ship program?
Visit our section of frequently asked questions and contact one of our Sales Managers afterwards.